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Inspections and Service

Inspection and Service testimonials:

“The dedicated professionals at Maximum Fire Protection have gone above and beyond many times to make sure my property is protected.  There are many companies that make claims of superior service, Maximum F.P. proves it!” – Paul Dunnaway, Facilities Management, City West Apartments”

“Maximum Fire Protection always provides great service for us.  Their inspectors are extremely thorough and their team is easy to work with.  When I need service, their response is quick and reliable.  They take good care of their customers.” – Bob Hamilton, Owner, Planet Fitness

Let Maximum Fire Protection keep you worry free after your sprinkler system is installed.  State Fire Marshals require yearly inspections to keep buildings up to fire code.  Annual inspections ensure the safety of your business and your employees as well as prevent costly fines.  We make dealing with your inspections our job, so you can get back to doing yours.  We offer customized free quotes and a Price Lock Guarantee for up to three years.  As a local, family owned business, we get to know our customers and their buildings providing a more personal level of service. Our Inspections team is certified to do virtually all types of fire protection inspections including:

Wet Systems

Dry and Pre-Action Systems

Antifreeze Systems

Kitchen Hoods/Ansel Systems

Fire Extinguishers

Emergency Exit Lights

Fire Pumps

Alarm Panels & Systems

Alarm Panel Installation


First Aid

*For questions about inspections or to request a free quote/ site survey, please contact our sales team at: nk@max-fp.com